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The Ultimate Animal Encounter

You might not realize it but Alpine, California is home to one of the best animal encounters in San Diego, the Children’s Nature Retreat.

At the Children’s Nature Retreat, you will be able to interact with animals from all over the world. Children’s Nature Retreat is so much more than just looking at your favorite animal through a glass wall or wire fence. Not saying it is not a fantastic experience to look, it is, but there is so much more to it. Being able to feed and interact with animals from all over the world is the ultimate animal encounter, and you can find it here in San Diego.

Ranch style wonderland

The best animal encounter in San Diego is a day spent at the Children’s Nature Retreat. Experience walking into the 20-acre ranch style wonderland that is home to over 80 domesticated animals from all over the world. Visitors will be able to encounter all types of animals such as zebras, camels, Nigerian goats, mules, miniature horses, alpacas, Scottish Galloway mini cows, and more. It will feel like you had just gone around the world in only one day!

A sense of wonder

The Children’s Nature Retreat is designed to awaken a sense of wonder in children, something they will not find in an urban jungle. The children will play and not knowingly will learn an appreciation for nature and animals by exploring each animals’ world. Children will get to feed the animals and even have a picnic under the trees. Both children and adults will agree that this is the best animal encounter in San Diego, California.

When you visit San Diego’s Best Animal encounter, Children’s Nature Retreat, you will take with you the experience of life. Both children and adults will have a greater love for the outdoors and will develop compassion for others, especially animals.

Spend a day at the Children’s Nature Retreat for a dreamy world tour this summer!

Children's Nature Retreat

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