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Plant the Boulevard

A generous grant, hardworking volunteers, and a passion to improve our community inspired a program to "green" our main street.

More than 70 new seedling trees and plants are now growing as part of a new community effort to beautify Alpine’s main street! The Alpine Chamber of Commerce, Back Country Land Trust, and the Certified Community Wildlife Habitat partnered to replant the boulevard after years of construction damage. The project, dubbed simply, “Plant the Boulevard”, was made possible by a generous grant from Lush Handmade Cosmetics which provided up to five hundred free plants to the Land Trust.

“Greenery is an important part of the overall attractiveness of the streetscape,” says Chamber Executive Director, Alex Ward. “The Chamber and its member businesses are committed to creating a safe and appealing commercial center.”

The Back Country Land Trust and Certified Community Wildlife Habitat provided the technical know-how and wa­tering arrangements for the first year for the program. At each location there was careful consideration for what the property owners or users already have, what plants they wanted, and how they wanted the plantings to look. Any new plant in the ground was part of a pre-approved list of native, drought tolerant species.

With the planting season coming to a close, the Chamber and its partners will move on to the next phase of the beautification plan. This phase will focus on pedestrian safety in the center of town. “It is crucial that residents and visitors can easily and safely get around town on foot,” says Ward. “Walking is the best way to experience Alpine. We want to ensure everyone can do so without unnecessary anxiety.”


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