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Let's Talk Turkey

Meet a special turkey who provides comfort and education around the backcountry.

Meet Blue, a five year old Blue Slate Heritage turkey belonging to Marsha and Richard Edwords of Lakeside. Blue is five years old and a bit of a celebrity in the backcountry. He travels from place to place offering support and entertainment and educating the public about lesser-known turkey breeds.

Unlike the variety you might find at the supermarket or on Thanksgiving tables, Blue Slate turkeys are one of a few heritage breeds. These select breeds are different in that they must be able to reproduce and feed on their own outside. Regular Thanksgiving turkeys are of the industrial Broad Breasted White variety introduced in the 1950s. They cannot reproduce, are raised in close quarters, and are only for consumption. They get very fat and cannot move comfortably after about seven months of age.

Blue Slate turkeys make great pets. These birds will bond with a human quickly and for life. That said, owners must take precautions to protect their feathered friend. "Blue learned to open the gate on the farm and escaped," quipped Marsha. "And we must clip his wings regularly to prevent him from flying to where predators may be."

The Edwords love introducing people to Blue. "He really likes to show off," says Marsha. "People enjoy the chance to meet such a unique breed and are often surprised by how much of a personality he has. Blue will puff up his chest feathers and strut around," she continued. "Folks really get a kick out of it!"

Blue is available for visitations. Please call Marsha and Richard at (619) 507-4178 for more information.