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Cioffi raises $20k+; wins Honorary Mayor Contest

Alpine has a new Honorary Mayor for 2019-20!  Congratulations to Linda Cioffi, of Alpine View Lodge, for winning the position. Cioffi joined the race to raise awareness about the Quest for the Cure movement that has grown steadily since its inception four years ago.  Cioffi works with victims of Alzheimer’s disease every day and she sees its effects on the person and families as they cope with an illness that robs the person’s identity and presence, even though they are still very much alive and needing full time care.  It becomes a very long goodbye for a family who is losing a loved one to this disease.

The Cioffi family founded Alpine View Lodge in 1979, and Linda has worked in elder care since she was very young.  Her lifetime goal is to see an end to Alzheimer’s, and because of that goal, she started the Quest for the Cure Fundraising opportunity that works with alzsd.org.  To date, she has raised over 22,000 towards this year’s goal, and she will continue to fundraise through October.  She said, “Together we can create a cure for Alzheimer’s’. I want to see it go away in my lifetime!”  She also said of her tremendous fundraising efforts, “This little town is phenomenal, and has done great things. Every year, we beat out a major corporation, SDG&E!”  

I you would like to join our new Honorary Mayor and her team in their fight against Alzheimer’s disease, you can still donate to alzsd.org/quest.


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